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The Telit FN980 and FN980m data cards enable a new generation of 5G state-of-the-art data cards featuring both sub-6 and mmWave (FN980m only) technologies with LTE, WCDMA and GNSS support. These data cards lay the foundation for businesses worldwide to futureproof IoT, enterprise applications and video while leveraging all 5G’s and Gigabit LTE’s benefits immediately.

In addition to all the same features and functionality as found in the FN980 module, this data card also supports mmWave technology. As a result, the FN980m supports the Qualcomm QTM525 mmWave antenna module for near-the-ground, low-power indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, the FN980m also supports the Qualcomm QTM527 mmWave extended-range antenna module for high-mount outdoor applications.

€ 413,80 EUR

Everything that the FN980 delivers plus mmWave support.

5G, 4G, 3G
North America, EMEA, APAC
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