The World's most advanced Industrial IoT Gateway

IO-GATE is the world's most advanced IoT gateway for Industrial IoT applications and use cases, including smart city, smart farming, asset tracking, condition monitoring, pharma and chemical IoT applications and industrial automation.

Global 4G & 5G

Up to 5.5Gbps of ultra high-speed cellular connectivity guaranteed globally.

Safe in Cyberspace

DeepCover controller from Maxim Integrated embedded to guarantee safe data transfers.

Device Management

Advanced device management and configuration via RoSo platform, available on browser & mobile.

Mobile App

Mobile app enables easy, user-friendly IoT Gateway management, mirroring RoSo platform features for seamless control.

Edge Extensions

Ships with 4 IO-Link ports, Ethernet plug-in and 4 digital I/Os for maximum flexibility.

Cloud Compatibility

Fully compatible with all major cloud providers & easy link-up with private cloud.


Case Studies

Enhancing Flood Prevention and Safety Measures

Working with a customer in France, we harnessed the power of IO-GATE to revolutionize the monitoring of water levels in a dam, employing IO-Link sensors in conjunction with a strategically placed IP camera. Our solution involved installing a high-resolution camera overlooking the dam, providing clear and continuous capture of the water levels and its surroundings. To ensure seamless data transmission, we connected the camera to the IO-GATE via the Ethernet interface.

For this project, we went a step further in customizing a Docker container app tailored to the customer's specific requirements. The IO-GATE, functioning as the central hub, efficiently processed and transmitted the data acquired by the camera to a cloud-based platform for in-depth analysis.

In real-time, our system tracked water level data using purpose-built sensors, presenting it comprehensively on a user-friendly dashboard. This real-time monitoring capability, driven by the IP camera and IO-GATE in tandem with water level sensors, not only ensured continuous oversight but also empowered our client to respond promptly to any unforeseen events such as flooding or drought alarms.

Integral to this streamlined operation, our Edge Manager effectively managed and coordinated all aspects of IO-GATE, its cameras, and sensors, ensuring a cohesive and efficient ecosystem for our client.

Smart Solutions for Waste Management

In Austria, a forward-thinking customer has embraced innovation with the adoption of a cutting-edge smart waste management system. At the heart of this transformative solution lies an industrial IP camera, seamlessly integrated with IO-GATE technology. Together, they form a powerful duo dedicated to monitoring and analyzing the waste collected in trucks, leveraging advanced AI tools to distinguish between recyclable materials and plastics.

The IO-GATE doesn't just facilitate this intelligent waste assessment; it excels in it. With its robust 4G and 5G connectivity capabilities, it ensures uninterrupted data transmission while on the move. Real-time photos and videos are swiftly relayed to the cloud for thorough analysis, each image meticulously timestamped for precise tracking. Geolocation data adds another layer of sophistication, allowing the IO-GATE to pinpoint the exact location of every piece of content dispatched to the cloud.

The seamless flow of data between the IO-GATE and the cloud doesn't stop at mere transmission. It enables remote configuration adjustments and facilitates over-the-air software updates for the camera, ensuring the system remains at the cutting edge of technology. Furthermore, the IO-GATE utilizes its digital outputs to convey important notifications to drivers when necessary, ensuring that the waste management process operates efficiently and with the utmost precision. This innovative solution not only streamlines waste management but also contributes significantly to the responsible handling of our environment, reducing contamination and promoting recycling practices.

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