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    can you suggest a terminal available on and compatible with old telit GT863 ??

    I need to use DTMF commands.

    I try to buy a GT864 terminal ( manufacturer) from ebay, but DTMF tone dosn't function

    if i send AT+CGMM -> GE865

    if i send AT+cGMR -> 10.00.03

    i remenber that also GT863PY needed to be update in order to work with dtmf command.



    someone can tell me where to find firmwre update for GE865 ? i have a GT864 module, but i can't use AT command about DTMF decoder. When i send AT#DTMF=1 it respond ERROR!!. i remember that some year ago i have same problems with GT863PY terminal, solved by a firmware update.