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    Hi, many thanks for the email. I did as you suggested by sending the same message from a differrent phone which was a different provider to the one I generally use. The other phone displayed the Asian phone number. Seems like an issue with my phone although it is only this number that I have an issue with.


    I have TER-GN910 embedded in a data logger located in Asia. The modem has a local SIM card. The application responds to commands sent via SMS and the modem app responds with the requested data. I have recently sent SMS commands and found that the phone number displayed on my phone is not the same as the phone number I used to send the SMS. The phone number displayed on my phone happens to have a UK code. Can anyone explain why this is.

    Many thanks


    My legacy app, collects data and posts to a remote server. When it is ready to upload data to the server having already performed various housekeeping functions:


    AT#SKTD=0,80,www.myremoterserver, 0

    I get the CONNECT response

    I then send a HTTP POST request:

    POST /post.php HTTP/1.1

    Host: www.myhost


    via MDM.send

    I then send a '+++' sequence to close the socket.

    The app returns to the start of the loop and happens to check for SMS messages:


    I don't get an 'OK' and it goes onto the next AT command


    Here I don't get OK I get :

    HTTP/1.0 400 Bad request

    Cache-Control: no-cache

    Connection: close

    Content-Type: text/html

    <html><body><h1>400 Bad request</h1>

    Your browser sent an invalid request.



    Which implies the socket connection has timed out

    After that, any AT commands seem to execute correctly.

    All AT commands are send via MDM.send

    My '+++' sequence is bracked by time.sleep(3) .

    Is there a solution to this? Is there an explicit close socket?

    We are using the GE910-GNSS s/w revision 13.00.106

    Any adice would be much appreciated

    Hi Mazen,

    Thank you for responding. Sorry for my lateness of my response, I had given up on getting any response at all.

    I used MDM.Send to issue the relavant AT commands:

    AT#SSLEN=1,0 ; I did this just to make sure it wasn't enabled


    AT#HTTPCFG= 0, "myseveradd",443,0,,,1,120,1

    Similarly :


    Now I am not sure a) how I pick up the '>>>' prompt, my serial port is connected to a data logger so I can't use this, and I am assuming the I use the MDM.Send to transmit the data string:

    "data=<date><time> etc"

    I am trying to implement this in a Python applicaton running on the TER=GN910.



    I am investigating HTTPSND to post data to a web server. I am not sure how to interpret the definition regarding the output of the '>>>' and how to set the data string. It implies that the the '>>>' is output to a serial device (USB0)? rather than the AT controller to allow the user to input a data string. Can I send the data string to the AT controller having received the '>>'>' on the serial port?

    Could someone please clarify,

    Many thanks


    I am having issues trying to get HTTP/POST to work via the Python script. I am executing the following commands:






    AT#SSLD=1,443,"",0,0// This returns CONNECT

    Then using MDM.Send(senddata,10)

    where senddata contains:

    "POST /test0/post.php?mode=save&key=somekey&imei=someimei HTTP/1.1


    Content-Length: 45



    When I read the response via MDM.Read I get NO CARRIER

    Would appreciate any advice on where I might be going wrong,

    Many thanks


    Thank-you for your response. I'm afraid I don't quite know how to interpret what you have stated.

    I used as a generic web name, it is not the name of the web site I am trying to access. Also I have masked out some of the sensitive data in the HTTPQRY string.

    We are using the TER-GN910 terminal (GE910-GNSS), will it interact with an HTTPS web site?


    I am trying to get to grips with sending data to our HTTPS server. I have been guided by the Telit AT commander and documentation. I am using the ArrLogic TER-GN910

    I have entered the following commands:

















    AT#HTTPQRY=0,0,"/aws.php?&i=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&p=xxxxxxxx&f=1&r=02.01.00&t=2019-03-05%2011:54:00&s01=21.61&s02=21.34&s03=0.00&s04=999.59&s05=97.64&s06=7100&s07=7050&s08=7030&s09=7020&s10=7010&s11=7005&s12=6000&s13=4.01 "

    +CME ERROR: operation not supported

    But I get the above error:

    I have tried cutting down the HTTPQRY just to see if I get some sort of positive response:


    +CME ERROR: can not resolve DN


    +CME ERROR: can not resolve DN

    I have also tried connecting using the SSLD command but it responds with a

    +CME ERROR: SSL generic error

    Could someone please offer any advice, many thanks.


    I wish to redirect the operation of the Python print statement. I came across an article in the documentation showing me how to redirect to either SER or USB0. When I reassign sys.stdout and sys,stderr my basic app seems to 'hang'. Commenting out the reassignment statements the code runs as expected. A copy of he code is shown attached:

    SERtest .py.txt

    The PORTCFG value is 0.

    Eventually, I want to use USB0, but I get a similar result as with the SER. Could anyone advise,

    Many thanks