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    Hi Hüseyin,

    As you mentioned on the previous mail, i changed following things .


    <bool name="world_phone">true</bool> made it as <bool name="world_phone">false</bool>

    in device/qcom/common/device/overlay/packages/apps/Phone/res/values/config.xml and

    After making the ro.telephony.default_network=9 the Phone service crash message (Unfortunately, the process has stopped) is keep on showing there , even if we press ok to the message at a fraction of second again the same message is showing there. It's like we can't use anything on GUI only we can press ok to the crash message.
    Now the RIl daemon handling device as a gsm modem but the crash message is keep on coming.

    As well as i changed the world_phone to false in the above mentioned config.xml files but result is as same as to the previous state

    Thanks for Your valuable guidance , Looking forward to hear from you.

    Here I attached the log after doing those changes, please find the link :le910_log_gsmsst

    Hi Hüseyin,

    I added the all the changes needed for the telit LE910 (Group 3) into a new android 6.0.1 BSP. I added all the files needed for Group 3and modified the init.rc and ueventd.rc

    in the section 2.8.2 Init changes "system/core/init/service.cpp" file is not present in the bsp. rather than that all files i added/modified.

    previously no simcard symbol was showing there on the top bar and i modified the


    After that the no simcard symbol changed to signal bar symbol but network is not came and Unfortunately, the process has stopped message used to pop up .

    In the radio log i notices that the after phone service crash message, this property is []: [1] if i press ok to that message the property become [gsm.c]: [2], after some time again the same message is popping up and the value change back to 1 .

    Here I attached the link for that radio log.radiolog

    Thanks for you time and patience .

    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Hüseyin,

    I followed the "1VV0301239_Telit_RIL_User_Guide_for_Android_OS_5.x_6.x_r3.pdf" Android Integration guide. In BSP, I added the Vendor ril , ppp services and changed some SE Linux permissions. In that guide it's not mentioned anything related to changing the framework.

    Android is detecting the modem as cdma, because of which i am feeling that network is not coming.

    I attached a cdma radio log what i am getting as default.

    I really appreciate your guidance.



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    Hi Hüseyin,

    Thanks for you replay, I am using a Eragon820 Development board which is running 6.01, i need a 4g connectivity to the device.

    I have not changed the android framework. From The getprop the property value of was 2, I manually made to 1.

    In framework where we will define Manually whether the device connected is GSM?



    I am Interfacing LE910-EU V2 with android 6.0, Initially the android was detecting the modem as CDMA (all the logs am getting is cdma related eg:- cdmasst: )
    but LE910-EU V2 is a GSM modem.To set GSM i changed the cdma subscription as NV from RUIM/SIM and manually set the as 1 from 2 , now in radio log gsm related logs are showing but it's looping a set logs again and again.

    I am not able to understand why this logs showing like this. radio log have been attached.

    Please help me out.

    Thanks in advance


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