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    Hi every body I have some important questions:

    Do roundsolutions ship to Eygpt?

    if yes:

    1- Do they ship to any place there?

    2- How much the freight charge?

    3- How long it may take?

    the last important question:

    Is it allowed that I make the payment from a country, and receive the order in another one??

    I hope that I succeeded to clear the ideas well.

    thanks very much



    Originally posted by Wilhelm
    you should have this parts for development as a minimum of equipment.
    Add a power supply with minimum 8V/2,5A as well.

    so this is the minimum requirements ...!?

    Do I need that additional power supply (8v,2.5A)? what about the attached battery?

    Can any one discuss me with details about the equipments and their functions (individually),please??

    notice: the GPRS module is to be connected to a microcontoller via serial port, so it takes the stored photos from it and then make the transmission..

    by the way I'm searching also on the way to transfer photos from the camera to the microcontroller via USB port, can anybody -if having a good experience in this topic- tell me what equipments I may need to complete this step successfully?

    I hope that you help me.

    many thanks Wilhelm


    Hi every body

    I'm a student in fauclty of engineering communication department (last year) so I have to complete the graduation project..

    It depends on GPRS, main idea is capturing photos for moving objects then sending it to a website using GPRS module ..

    I had send a messege for roundsolution to know what components exactly may help me.

    The reply contains the following components:

    * Starter kit board S3
    * Adapter board
    * Cable RS232 to USB CAB-ROU-232
    * Cable CMOS to USB CAB-Rou-200
    * D-Sub 9 pin RS232 cable CAB-232S
    * Number of modules 1
    * Antenna ANT-GXR623-MMCX/M
    * Antenna GXP114
    * Antenna ANT-GXH915
    * RF Cable CAB-RFR-501 + RFR-503
    * Microphone
    * Speaker
    * 2 SIM card holders
    * LiPO battery 1350 mA
    * CD with documentation
    * Support (user forum)
    and the total price is 341 euro..

    so I want to know if all this components are necessary to complete the project ???

    also the function of each component if someone have a good experience about them ...

    please help me as you can, and any more details I'm totally ready ...