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    Wilhelm I've been waiting over a month now for this relay. Where is the delay coming from? Can you supply any update? Can you supply any information on the relay itself? This project has been on hold because of this delay!

    I'm looking for info on using the relay output on the TER-GX300. All the documentation I read says there's a relay (1A 30V) available, but looking at the PCB, there doesn't seem to be any fitted.
    Can you confirm the presence of a relay on this board?

    Q: Type of module? A: TER-GX300S
    Q: Firmware version? A: 07.03.301
    Q: Type of starter kit you have? none
    (S1, S1B, S2, S3, S4, EVK1, EVK2, none, other)

    I've written a program that sends a fie from my PC to an FTP server. The program works great in TelitPy 1.5.2 package, however when I upload it to the module and run it from there it hangs when trying to read the file on the serial port. Here's a sample of my code:

    SER.send('Sending File...\n\r')
    SER.send('Waiting for Connect......\n\r')
    SER.send('Reading File on Serial Port...\n\r')
    in_file = open("test.txt","r")
    SER.send('Opening File......\n\r')
    text =
    SER.send('Closing File......\n\r')
    SER.send('File Sent...\n\r')
    #Send escape sequence

    I connect correctly to the FTP server and receive the prompt "Reading file on Serial Port", at this point nothing happens, and it appears to timeout (10secs or so).
    Any ideas why it works on the development platform but not on the module? Does the file need to be in a particular location on my PC in order to be read into the serial port?

    Q: Type of module? A:TER-GX300S
    Q: Firmware version? A: 07.02.304
    Q: Type of starter kit you have? AARLogic C10/3 rev4
    (S1, S1B, S2, S3, S4, EVK1, EVK2, none, other)

    I have an AARlogic c10 and I’m using it to open an FTP connection wth the command AT#FTPOPEN=<server:port>,<username>,<password>,<mode>. I am using RSTerm. No problems here.However, when I take out the sim and insert it in my GER300S and power it up and do the exact same thing, I get an error and it doesn’t connect. I can send SMS messages amd email but not FTP.
    The firmware is 07.02.304. I tried to update it but XPF doesn’t seem to work with my module. Can you update the module and if so how. Will this fix the problem and if not what else could it be the problem.

    Port is set correctly.
    Like I said earlier, everything works well with a real COM port on my desktop PC, its when I switch to my laptop and use the USB<->SER cable and connector that I run into trouble.
    The OS on both my laptop and desktop are WinXP Home Edition SP3.
    I've tried to use the cable and connector on my desktop and the same problem occurs. I'm sure its something simple, these things generally are.
    I'll check the BIOS on my laptop and see if something there helps.

    Yes to both questions.
    On a side note (could be posting in the wrong forum but I think its related to this problem), the TelitPy 1.5.2 - PythonWin development package always returns an error that the COM port is Busy whenever I run one of the example applications (eg. ListSMS).
    This works fine for me on a normal RS232 as expected. Can you see if that also occurs in your test setup?

    Yes I have tried to type after the ">" prompt! (Sure how else would I enter the SMS message?!). I've even tried just hitting <CTRL+Z> in the hope it might send a blank text, but no nothing happens. I need to reset the module in order to get an AT command working.

    Same behaviour happens with HyperTerminal. Here's what I typed:

    +CSCA: "+35387699989",145

    at+cmgs=+353(my mobile no),145
    And its at that prompt that it hangs.

    I have a TER-GX300 (07.03.301). The module works fine on a real COM port I have on my desktop PC, however when I switch to my laptop and use the USB->SER it doesn't seem to work fully. RSTerm crashes whenever I try to send an SMS.
    I have baudrate set to 115200
    Flow Control = Hardware

    I have followed installation instructions USB_RS232_Cable.doc (found in
    My Prolific Driver Ver is (updated to latest version after the version downloaded from your website didn't work)

    Any ideas?