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    Please can you confirm if Tellit are stopping production of the GM862-Quad later this year? If so will there will be a pin compatible replacement available or will I have to re-design all my circuit boards and enclosures?

    The lowest power consumption in power save mode is 4mA, which is too high for use with a small solar panel and it seems there is no way of keeping the module switched off when a voltage is applied to the charge input. So I will have to re-think my circuit!! ?(

    So is there no way of keeping the module completely shut down when there is a voltage on the Charge input? I know this sounds a bit odd but I am trying to develop a solar powered unit and need to keep the module in very low power mode even if there is a supply to the Charge input.

    Q: Type of module? A: GM862-Quad
    Q: Firmware version? A:
    Q: Type of starter kit you have?
    (S1, S1B, S2, S3, S4, EVK1, EVK2, none, other)

    Hi, I am trying to shutdown the module using the AT#SHDN command but, if there is a voltage on the CHARGE input, it just restarts again automatically. Is there any way I can prevent this?

    Hi, I am trying to report to user the state of the SIM inserted into GM862-Quad at start up. I have tried AT+CIMI and AT+CNUM and AT+CPIN? but all just return "ERROR". What I need is the +CME ERROR code so I can report to user "No SIM" or "PIN REQUIRED" etc.

    Does anyone have any experience of using GM862-Quad modules for sending SMS messages in Australia? Will all the normal SMS AT commands work OK?

    When I plug in an ANT-GXP401-MMCX antenna into my GSM862 the plug seems very loose and I the modem frequently looses its connection to the network.
    Is the plug designed to be loose?