Help to make an internet connection

  • Can somebody help me to make an internet connection with my GM-862 board?
    In many ways I tried to make an internet connection with my board but I can`t find the right way.
    If there anybody who can give me an example Code (AT-Commands) with some (the right) values that I can make an internet connection only that I can see that my GM-862 board is functioning.


  • Please be so kind and have a look in the software manuals. You can download it on .
    If you use the SEARCH function on this message board, then you will found a couple of questions and answers too.
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  • Can you specify on which country you are working and with which network operator, so that maybe someone has already done the GPRS connection and can tell yuo the right values for
    APN, username and password required for GPRS connections?

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