SMS response

  • Hi,

    I have TER-GN910 embedded in a data logger located in Asia. The modem has a local SIM card. The application responds to commands sent via SMS and the modem app responds with the requested data. I have recently sent SMS commands and found that the phone number displayed on my phone is not the same as the phone number I used to send the SMS. The phone number displayed on my phone happens to have a UK code. Can anyone explain why this is.

    Many thanks

  • Hi,

    This is not related to the TER-GN910. I can think of two explanations: Either you phone is probably interpreting it with a UK code when it is not, or the SIM card operator might be using a special SMS gateway for the SIM card you are using.

    I would recommend testing from a different phone and if the result stays the same, then you can check with the SIM card operator.

  • Hi, many thanks for the email. I did as you suggested by sending the same message from a differrent phone which was a different provider to the one I generally use. The other phone displayed the Asian phone number. Seems like an issue with my phone although it is only this number that I have an issue with.