• Hi,

    I am investigating HTTPSND to post data to a web server. I am not sure how to interpret the definition regarding the output of the '>>>' and how to set the data string. It implies that the the '>>>' is output to a serial device (USB0)? rather than the AT controller to allow the user to input a data string. Can I send the data string to the AT controller having received the '>>'>' on the serial port?

    Could someone please clarify,

    Many thanks

  • Hi,

    Which port are using to access the AT controller? The same port that you have uses to send the command HTTPSND, should be used to send the data to be posted. Could you post your complete AT commands sequence you are using and the answer you are getting? Are you using the serial port, the USB or Python?



  • Hi Mazen,

    Thank you for responding. Sorry for my lateness of my response, I had given up on getting any response at all.

    I used MDM.Send to issue the relavant AT commands:

    AT#SSLEN=1,0 ; I did this just to make sure it wasn't enabled


    AT#HTTPCFG= 0, "myseveradd",443,0,,,1,120,1

    Similarly :


    Now I am not sure a) how I pick up the '>>>' prompt, my serial port is connected to a data logger so I can't use this, and I am assuming the I use the MDM.Send to transmit the data string:

    "data=<date><time> etc"

    I am trying to implement this in a Python applicaton running on the TER=GN910.