New LuvitRED release 2.11.5

  • Dear CloudGate user,

    Our latest CloudGate LuvitRED version 2.11.5 has been released and is now available on CloudGate Universe.

    Minimum firmware: 2.76.1


    • Node system time : to set/get the system time of the cloudgate or set/get ntp url

    • Node CG-LED : to set CG sytem leds to color red/green/orange


    • Modbus node : added slave id matching

    • Modbus node : added option to switch off gateway exceptions

    • Modbus node : added RTU and ASCII slave mode

    • Zigbee : new Meazon firmware 0x0112000A


    • Added color highlighting to debug node

    • Added settable key to inject node

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