NMEA on second serial port

  • Hello.
    We have a solution with a HE910DG module connected with two serial ports. Now we want to configure the HE910 that we can received the NMEA messages at the USIF1 port.
    Whitch AT sequence I must send to USIF0 and USIF1 to do this.

    SerPort1 connected to USIF0
    SerPort2 connected to USIF1

    if I use

    1. SerPort1.WriteLine("AT$GPSP=1") 'PowereUp GNSS SerPort1.WriteLine("AT$GPSNMUN=1,1,0,0,0,0,0") 'START NMEA

    I can received the NMEA on SerPort1

    Now I do that:

    1. SerPort1.WriteLine("AT#PORTCFG=3") SerPort1.WriteLine("AT#SII=2")

    1. SerPort2.WriteLine("AT$GPSP=1") 'PowereUp GNSS
    2. SerPort2.WriteLine("AT$GPSNMUN=1,1,0,0,0,0,0") 'START NMEA

    But nothing happens on SerPort2.

    Can somebody help me.

    Best regards