HE910 python socket

  • Hello

    My Module from AT+CGMI, AT+CGMM, AT+CGMR: Telit HE910-EUG 12.00.213

    I'm trying to use a socket connection as documentation tells it's available. So I use Import _socket, initialize connection and registration until I get an IP assigned by AT#GPRS=1.

    With sockets I got an exception without message for:
    _socket.gethostname('www.google.de') and

    Client = _socket.socket(_socket.AF_INET, _socket.SOCK_STREAM) is OK
    Client.connect_ex(('', 80)) throws an exception without message
    Client.connect_ex(('www.google.de', 80)) throws an exception without message

    The same on the PC works. Can you assist with more Information about socket on HE910?
    Is there something missing before I can use socket-connections?
    I maually used AT#SKTD... for connecting, this works.

    Thank you

  • Hello,
    I have already read the documents, connection works as described in TELIT IP Easy User Guide.
    The python functions that are documented in the TELIT HE910 Easy Script in Python document are not working due an exception that is't telling me anything.
    The TELIT Modules Software User Guide does not mention anything about how the internal python routines for socket are implemented on the modem. As connection with AT-Commands is up and running I have no clue what's going wrong with the embedded python socket functions.

    The only thing I see is that TELIT references Firmware Version 12.00.xx4.
    I got 12.00.213 on my module. I didn't find a newer Firmware than this (there is only 12.00.004 12.00.003 ), should I step back to 12.00.004?
    If yes, is the HE910-EUG Firmware the same as of HE910-Quad_G or HE910-Quad_D?

  • Hi,

    I received and installed the new firmware, thank you.
    Now gethostbyname_ex(...) works fine.

    But conSocket.connect((strIPAddress, ui32PortNumber)) throws exception 11, 'unknown Error' or 110, 'unknown Error' for TCP:
    conSocket = _socket.socket(_socket.AF_INET, _socket.SOCK_STREAM)

    It's working for UDP:
    conSocket = _socket.socket(_socket.AF_INET, _socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
    But then byReceivedData = conSocket.recv(1024) always times out (I used conSocket.setblocking(True)).
    I sent byNTPQuery = '\x1b' + 47 * '\0' to an NTP-Server:
    ui32BytesSent = conSocket.send(byNTPQuery), where ui32BytesSent is 48, so all data has been sent.

    When using AT#SKTD=... instead of _socket everything works (TCP and UDP).