AT+CPIN? = Error

  • Hello.

    I have a program running in a couple of GT-863PY. It seems to work OK for a couple of days, and during these days the modules operate without problems.

    Every each couple of days, if there's a RS232 communication error, the program resets the GT863PY and restarts everything (without problems).

    When they have been rebooted some times, the GT863PY stops working and can't attach to the GPRS network... If I do a "AT+CPIN?" I get an "ERROR" message.

    If I switch OFF and ON the GT863PY module (switching OFF & ON the power supply), it works OK for another few days....

    Any clue of what may be happening?

  • "Every each couple of days, if there's a RS232 communication error, the
    program resets the GT863PY and restarts everything (without problems)."

    How you make this? Hard- or Software restart?

  • I do a soft reset ... (if there's an error, the Watchdog triggers the reset). This reset works OK for a couple of days, but then the module stops working (can't connect to the network, and AT+CPIN? returns "ERROR").

    If I do a hard-reset (switch off/on with the power supply), everything is fixed and works OK for another few days...

  • Not sure, as the module is in a remote location where we don't have much access...

    We installed 4 modules with the same python program. Two of them keep working perfectly (they keep sending us data that they get from a RS232 line), but the other two lose connection (they stop sending information).

    When we go to check the modems, we see that they're trying to reboot and connect to GPRS (AT#SGACT=1,1) and fail, so they keep rebooting,... if in that moment we stop the reboot process (sending ATZ), we see that there's an error with the SIM card ("AT+CPIN?" returns "ERROR")... couldn't find any way to correct the situation, except physically switch the module off and on... doing this fixes the problem, and the module starts with no problems...


  • Hello.

    What do you mean by "remote SIM"?

    Well, we installed four GT-863PY, and (with the same program) one has been working without problems for 1 month, and the others have to be restarted each few days...

  • Sorry for the delay.

    Here they are:







    ... and then, the program gets the IP address of the modem and the program starts.

    When the error happens, the modem can't connect and get an IP, so it reboots itself and keeps rebooting for ever (as it can't get a valid IP as there's a problem with the SIM)

  • > Does it reboot automatically?
    Normally yes.

    > Is the power supply which you use sufficient?
    Yes. Only checked the main parameters (12Vdc, 1.65A). Haven't checked the ripple and other parameters...


    In any case... we changed the GT863-Py for GT864-PY modules... same software, but no problem until today. The problem was fixed changing the device model... (?)

  • Thanks for the info. In case a modem reboot automatically in 96% is the reason the power supply.
    To become sure you should measure the voltage with an oscilloscope direct on the modem.

  • Well, in this case the problem was not the reboot (which was done by the software itself)... the problem was that once it rebooted, could read the SIM card...

    And that if you did a hard reset (switch off & on the power supply), it would work OK.

    Yes, maybe it was a power supply problem and the GT863PY was affected, but the GT864PY was not...

  • Did anyone solve this issue without a hard power cycle of the power supply? im getting the same issue where my LE910 gets stuck with CPIN? = ERROR and requires a power cycle of the power supply to bring it back. Id like a solution that uses an AT command sequence if possible?