TER HX-200 lights ERROR diode

  • Hello!

    I have a problem with my TER HX-200 module. When I turn the power on, it lights the red diode (ERROR). It is equipped with a SIM card and an antenna.

    When I send to it reset signal (switching DTR 6 times per second) I receive some rubbish on the RS-232 port but the status diode remains still red.

    I suspect having burnt the module as once I powered it without the antenna connected, but if someone has other opinion, please give me some hint.

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  • I receive some rubbish on the RS-232 port
    That is normal because during the reset cycle the port is not defined.

    The red LED is controlled by AT-commands from the module and must be defined all time to prevent this behaviour.
    In case you don't use it please let me know, than I will point you to deactivate the LED by hardware.

    I powered it without the antenna connected
    normally it should'nt

  • Thank you for the quick response.

    The problem is not with diode itself, but that the module does not respond to AT commands, for example to "AT?<cr><lf>".

    Before the situation I mentioned, it normally connected to the GSM network and I received blinking green diode. Now it seems to be dead.