TER-GX300S release V3.1 problems with I2C

  • Q: Type of module? A: TER-GX300S
    Q: Firmware version? A:07.03.301
    Q: Type of starter kit you have?S3
    (S1, S1B, S2, S3, S4, EVK1, EVK2, none, other)

    We've ordered TER-GX300S two or three times and have got two different hardware releases (EZ864V3 and V3.1). V3 has jumpers besides the RJ12 connector, the V3.1 has no jumpers. We are using a LC Display connected to this RJ12 (I2C bus) for (debug) output.
    Problem: The I2C-Display works only with the V3 release (jumpers) and not with the V3.1 release.
    What is the difference between these releases? It might be a I2C-master-address problem.

    Please help me!

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    What is the difference between these releases?

    I will check and come back to you soon


    It might be a I2C-master-address problem.

    This can not be because the module is the master and has no address

    There was a change in the GPIO. This documents should help to solve your problem.


  • Oh yes - You're right! The jumpers on my slave module set the address, the purpose of the jumpers on the modem is the selection of "open collector"/100 Ohm or ADC/100 Ohm for input or output.

    Why did You change the GPIO????? A new release should be hard and software compatible to the old release!!!!!

    We're using an I2C-Display adapter for debugging and ohter purposes and this device does not work together with the V3.1 release.
    Redesigning of our hardware for each new release is impossible. A new software version for each release is impossible too.

    We MUST use ONE hardware design (for the display adapter) and ONE software (for the modem).

    Possible solution: a command for detecting the hardware release (and another one for the firmware release - I think this exists). So, I can start my software with some adjustments.

    Does such a command exist?

    What GPIO changes has been made? In V3 I used the RJ12 connector (which is RJ11 in Your doc, but Wiki says a 6 Pin 6 Connector is RJ12 or RJ25):

    pin1 = GND no change
    pin6 = VIN no change
    pin4 = GPIO14 used as I2C-SDA --> GPIO15 ???????
    pin5 = GPIO15 used as I2C-SCL --> CONAN1 ? = ANALOG1 ???

    In V3.1 I found GPIO 14 at pin 3 - is it right?

    Ok, please help me. How can I find two usable GPIO-connectors for all hardware releases?

  • Hi,

    I discussed the problem in our company. A solution could be like that:

    Hardware release V3.0:
    Pin3 : GPIO 10
    Pin4 : GPIO 14

    Hardware release V3.1:
    Pin3 : GPIO 14
    Pin4 : GPIO 15

    1. Is it correct?
    2. Are Pin3 and 4 usable for I2C: SDA, SCL?
    3. What command is available for detecting the hardware release? (V3.0 <-> V3.1)

    Please help me!