Timing Advance (TA)

  • How do I get the Timing Advance (TA) for neighbor cell's ?.
    I can only see the Timing Advance for the server cell (see below).




    #MONI: Cell BSIC LAC CellId ARFCN Power C1 C2 TA RxQual PLMN

    #MONI: S 54 0155 1282 46 -74dbm 36 36 4 0 DK TDK-MOBIL

    #MONI: N1 53 0155 09D1 54 -78dbm 32 24

    #MONI: N2 54 0155 1280 73 -79dbm 31 23

    #MONI: N3 14 0155 15D6 44 -87dbm 23 15

    #MONI: N4 15 0155 340B 646 -89dbm -6 -14

    #MONI: N5 11 0155 34E4 625 -95dbm 15 7

    #MONI: N6 11 0155 04DD 69 -96dbm 14 6


  • OK; but I have found something on the internet (see below):

    If you are able to catch the Timing Advance twice or even more often, then you are able to calculate the position even more accurate. One option could be to use the AT command for GSM band selection. If you are in Europe then you select GSM 900 / 1900 and after that you select GSM 850 /1800. GSM 850 and GSM 1900 does not exist in Europe. This will force a registration to a GSM 900 MHz cell and a GSM 1800 MHz cell. Another option could be to use two different SIM cards or even better a foreign SIM card. If you are on roaming, then you can get the TA from different GSM operators.

    Do I understand it correct that if teh module is in roaming then I can get the TA from all cell's ?.