Unable to enter commands into RSTerm from X650

  • I am using a Aarlogic C10/3 with the STK-4 starter kit.
    It seems that my unit won't respond from the X650 serial port when I try to access it through RS-Term. When I connect to X650, I am unable to enter any text into the terminal.

    When I connect the X300 port and type 'AT' in RS-Term, I get 'OK' as a response. When I type 'AT+CGMR', I get '07.03.942' as a response.

    But, when I'm connected to the linux port (X650), I cannot enter any text into RS-Term. Also when I click 'AutoDetect' in RS-Term, I get 'Sorry, No Modems Found!'.

    Could anyone please help me out, I have been stuck here for several days, and I can't move any further until I can get this straightened out.


  • Hi, I actually got this issue figured out. The problem was the 'Baudrate' which was set in RSTerm. If I set the BaudRate in RSTerm to 115200, it works nicely.
    Any baudrate other than 115200 will not work for me on port X650. So, if anyone's having this same issue, try to change the baudrate in RSTerm to 115200 and see if you're able to enter your linux commands.