GM862 - Over the air script update

  • Q: Type of module? A: GM862-GPS
    Q: Firmware version? A: 7.03.401
    Q: Type of starter kit you have?


    I've been trying to use the script that is provided with the pythonwin application in order to support over the air script update in the module.

    The problem I'm facing is as follows:
    The new script that I'll fetch from ftp server should be .py or .pyo ?
    I've tried .py, and it seems that it takes too long to execute in the module after rebooting. After doing some searches, I've found out that uploading precompiled script (.pyo) is much faster to run. Thus, I've tried to fetch the pyo file and write it to the module but it's not working.

    Though, the code provided with the pythonwin package, it fetches the file as .py ? so, I'm asking for the best practice to do this feature.

    Thanks and regards,
    Hani Amr