TER-GX300 Relay output

  • Hi
    I'm looking for info on using the relay output on the TER-GX300. All the documentation I read says there's a relay (1A 30V) available, but looking at the PCB, there doesn't seem to be any fitted.
    Can you confirm the presence of a relay on this board?

  • The relay is controlled by GPIO 17.
    The LED is controlled by GPIO 19.

    How to set up wit AT commands?

  • Wilhelm I've been waiting over a month now for this relay. Where is the delay coming from? Can you supply any update? Can you supply any information on the relay itself? This project has been on hold because of this delay!

  • Dear Neil,

    we are ready to ship the relays. Did you receive my emails?

    Could you please confirm your shipping address?
    Please send me an email to: mk@roundsolutions.com

    My apologize for the long delay again.