late or no SMS deliverey to TER110

  • Q: Type of module? A: ter110
    Q: Firmware version? A: 7.3.501

    the issue was already discussed but not answerde in the thread Unreliable SMS reception

    SMS are sent to the module but not delivered or mayby very late after one or two days.

    A check for new SMS is done with AT+CMGL="ALL" i.e. list all SMS stored on the SIM card. The SMS are process and delete afterwards, therefore the SIM card memory ought to be emty. Besides the effect shows on new SIM cards too.

    The same SIM card in a mobile phone does receive a SMS almost at once.

    It appears the SMS are delivered in short time if a call has been made or an SMS has been sent but not if an email has been sent.

    Sending an SMS to the module has been working fine for the last years thus I assume the condition for delivering SMS was changed by the network providers (like the prepaid credit call *100# which suddenly was not furthermore supported).

    Is there a command to query the network for pending SMS instead of checking the SIM card memory?

    Do I have to order different phone contract with a guaranteed immeditate SMS delivery?

  • Quote

    like the prepaid credit call *100# which suddenly was not furthermore supported

    I can't confirm this. From which provider you are talking?

    Which commands do you set before AT+CMGL="ALL"?

  • These providers showed the effect:

      Vodafone (D)
      T-Mobile (D)
      A1 (A)

    The communication related commands before AT+CMGL="ALL" are:



    AT+CPIN= ...
    AT+CREG?' ...
    AT+COPS ...


    Among other commands for GPRS / email GPIO ...

  • is it possible to test the behaviour manually with basic commands only?

    after login =>

    Send: AT+CREG?<cr>
    Send: AT+CMGF=1<cr>
    Send: AT+CNMI=2,1<cr>
    Send: AT+CMGL="ALL"<cr>

    please be so kind and post me the results. Thank you.

  • I found that AT+CMGF=1 was sent before the PIN was entered. This is not allowed and makes AT+CMGL="ALL" return an error.

    When a SMS was sent CMGF was set again and then incoming SMS were recognised.