Response problem

  • I really have a big problem.

    When I use RS-Term for testing, suddenly RS-Term didn't give any response. It always gives an error even AT+CPIN?. I change RS-232 cables, I try RS232-USB converter, doesn't change anything.

    So what happened to the module?

    It had worked properly before. Is it a hardware problem, such max 232 converter.? Can hardware reset be a solution?


  • I want to share the solution, maybe someone will get in trouble with RSTerm such a response problem.

    After uploading Python files in the module, the module didn't give a response via RSTerm that's because the module get stucked in a mod, maybe the infinite loop in the software caused the trouble.

    Whatever you do with RSTerm, you can not get a response. The solution is installing the firmware about your module. So the module can returns to its original, a kind of formatting.

    So, I search for the solution both the software in the module and the serial communication with RSTerm works simultaneously. Wilhelm, have you got a solution?


    Have a good day.

  • Quote

    Whatever you do with RSTerm, you can not get a response.

    Never I heard it before. We know sometimes RSTerm stops running during a script upload. As I mentioned just close RSTerm and start again. The module or firmware from has noting to do with.