Uploading Python Script Problem

  • Hi,
    I use RS Solutions GSM Terminal for uploading compiled python scripts into my 863 PY/GPS Module.

    First of all, I tested the module with AT commands and get OK response. After that I upload .pyo files and get an error:

    " AT#WSCRIPT="http.pyo",334

    My RS-232 cable is 9 pin connected and I think there is no synchronisation problem. In addition, script size is not big. (max 2 KB)

    So, what is the problem?

    Thanks for your concern.


  • Thanks a lot Wilhelm. I solve the problem, I used a RS-232 to USB converter.

    But, I have a new problem.

    After uploading the Python files into the module, where can I see the print messages in scripts. (how?)

    Thanks for ur concern.

  • to see the print output you need for all modules with GPS a special hardware (Python debugger). Send a email to order@roundsolutions.com and ask for such a device.
    Another possibility is to send your prints to the serial port.
    Command for print = print 'script starting'
    Command for Ser output = SER.send('\r\nscript starting')

    NOTE: You must import the "SER" first and don't forget to initialize the port.