Sending an SMS

  • Hello,

    I`m newbie to the GM862 and I need help to send an SMS in PDU mode. The text mode seems to be simple to manage, but in PDU mode this is more complex !
    If someone could send an example it would be great !

    Thanks in advance


  • Why do you want to send the sms in PDU mode? Does TEXT mode have something that does not
    fit your needs? Let`s see, maybe you can use the Text mode.

    Actually the coding of the PDU is not so simple that can be explained in few pages...
    You shall check it on the ETSI specification.
    If you need only an example on how to use the module in PDU mode, then is very close to the
    example for text mode, except the fact that instead of placing the destination number on the
    +CMGS command you have to specify the PDU lenght.


  • Thanks for reply,

    Well, it is true that I`ve not give a extended try to SMS yet but some actual mobile only use the PDU mode like the siemens C55.
    How could I extract usefull information from a SMS in pdu mode send by the C55 to the GM862 if I cannot crypt or decrypt pdu SMS ?

    That is why I ask this question.



  • But, if you use a GM862 you will be able to read any SMS received from anyone in TEXT format.

    The sms PDU or TEXT mode is referring only to the way the sms is exchanged between you and the GSM device. Then the GM862 will convert it into PDU (if it is not) and send it to the network.
    Same thing happens if you receive an sms. Regardless of the format the sender used to write it, the sms will arrive to the GM862 in pdu from the network, then it is eventually converted into text by the GM862 if you set the TEXT mode.

    So using the GM862 you can always use text mode.
    There`s only one limitation on using text mode: the chars in the Sms text must be comprised in the IRA character set. (check on the SWUG for a table of this character set).
    As long as you send common text it will be fine.