Value of GPS.getPosition()

  • Hello,
    I'm sorry but I don't understand the value of the GPS.getPosition(). I understand latitude and longitude but the value ist very different against GPS.actualPosition(). How can I translate the value into decimaldegree.

    PS: Sorry wrong category

  • have a look to this script, it should help you to understand.

  • Hello again,

    it seems that the coordinates are from Telit because I put them into google maps and then I was in Trieste, Italy. (N457134155, E137378355).
    So I suppose that you get with GPS.getPosition() not the last valid coordinates (in case that there is no connection to the satellite) But strange in the "Easy script in Python Rev.10" is on Page 79 written:
    If GPS controller has no position information the following tupe is returned:

    If I disconnect the GPS antenna after there was a valid signal for about 30 minutes I got (457134155,N,137378355,E).
    Can you reproduce this?

  • for reproducing I need further information:
    - Type of your module
    - Type of GPS antenna
    - firmware version
    - on what board do you test (S3)?

    please be so kind and post me

  • I've done a few tests this evening too, but first our questions:
    but it's a AARlogic C05/3 Rev 4

    antenna: ANT-GNR600-FME/F-SMA/M


    Board: STK S4 0921 Rev.4

    For the test I've done. I start the module without GPS antenna and make a few instructions:

    PythonWin 1.5.2+ (#0, Oct 1 2004, 15:39:52) [MSC 32 bit (Intel)] on win32.
    Portions Copyright 1994-2001 Mark Hammond ( - see 'Help/About PythonWin' for further copyright information.
    >>> import GPS
    >>> gga=GPS.getLastGGA()
    dummy getLastGGA()
    >>> print gga
    >>> pos=GPS.getPosition()
    dummy getPosition()
    >>> print pos
    (457134155, 'N', 137378358, 'E')
    >>> lp=GPS.getActualPosition()
    >>> print lp

    Remeber no GPS antenna. Only the GPS.getActualPosition is right. The oothers Point to Trieste.

    Then I power of the module and connect the GPS antenna.

    After a few minutes I got this:

    print lp
    205359.000,53xx.xx17N,012xx.xx38E,1.8,62.7,3,150.48,0.61,0.33,140110,05 (not everybody has to know where my office is)

    but there was no change:

    dummy getPosition()
    print pos
    (457134155, 'N', 137378358, 'E')

    very strange

  • I can't reproduce that behaviour. To get an imagine what happened in your module please be so kind and do follows:
    - download RSTerm - serial =>
    - download the attachment and rename it to GE863-GPS.pyo
    - enable the log function in RSTerm
    - upload it with RSTerm into the module and start with AT#ESCRIPT
    - after this post me the log file

    Thank you

  • I will do so.
    But I read in the "Software User Guide" that there are 2 diferent Porst for GPS.
    One for SIRF Binary (Set with the Jumper X402 and X403 on the S4 Board) and the second Port for NMEA. Maybe here is the fault?

    Can I mail the logfile to you? Because I will not publish the coordinates of my office to everybody