*SOLVED* Important: Product change Telit GSM/GPRS battery charging

  • This issue has been fixed. No problems with battery charging circuits supply.

    Dear Round Solutions Forum User,

    this is a Temporarely Product Change Notification.

    Who is affected?
    This alert is only relevant to everybody which use the CHARGE line of GM862, GE863, GC864 and GE864 GSM module family including Python or GPS versions.

    Do you use the CHARGE line? Every application which uses the CHARGE line is affected. Even if CHARGE line is not used for charging but other purposes. If you answer with "yes" you are affected. Modules of the series GE865 and UC864 are generally not affected.

    Due to a world wide supply bottleneck of specific components Telit has to remove the battery charging circuit function temporarily.

    The removal of the battery charger functionality means that some pins of the Telit module will become unavailable. If your application is not connected to these pins below, you are not affected.

    GM862-QUAD/PY/GPS: Pin 8
    GE863-QUAD/PY/GPS/SIM: Ball 35
    GE864-QUAD/PY: Balls G1-G2
    GC864-QUAD/PY with SIM holder: Pin 51-52
    GC864-QUAD/PY w/o SIM holder: Pin 51-52

    There will be part numbers for modules without battery charger. If your application does not use the battery charger line, you can use the these modules without any additional verification. Telit guarantee that no changes of the software and key components have been made, and hereby declare that the equivalent parts (modules without charging circuit) are still in compliance with all the applicable regulatory and network certifications.

    To ensure continuous supply with this modules we need a forecast for the remaining year 2009.
    How many modules do you need monthly for the next 4 to 6 months?

    Please confirm by email also if you are not affected.

    Send your reply please to o.schaefer@roundsolutions.com

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards
    Olaf Schaefer
    Dipl.-Ing. / Product Management