python importing serious problem

  • GC864-PY
    Version 7.03.300-B000

    I run into serious problem importing python file. I have add two lines in a python file and now it reboot continuously during compiling or importing. Take a look on the attached file...

    Best regards
    BARRO alexandre

  • please be so kind and support me with more detailed informations, e.g.
    - which two lines do you have inserted?
    - where is the different between the script which work and that it don't work?
    thank you.

  • I think there is a memory problem....the two more lines have nothing to do as I removed them and the problem remains. I wrote you an email with the trace files and python files, it is too big for the forum. just try to load the python in a GC and you will see...

  • Dear Support,
    I wrote my own reply because I found what was wrong in my code to make the importing resets the python on and on.....I make this reply for anyone who run into this problem.

    In my first code I use a lot of import FILE on the python file header in order to use other functions from these FILE. Since I made my code more efficient some of this file where not mean to stay at the file header but I let them. It has created this python resetting.

    Now I "cleaned" all the import FILE that were not use in the current file and everything is OK.


  • Dear Alex,

    thank you for this information. I am sure somebody will run in the same trouble. So I will close this thread. In case it is necessary to open it again, please let me know.