Micro GPS module with onboard antenna

  • Neu Isenburg, 05.03.2009 – with the AarLogic GPS 3T, the electronics manufacturer Round Solutions presents a micro GPS receiver that can be combined with further components in the briefest time to create a full-fledged navigation system. The antenna is already soldered onto the small circuit board, which is only 12 x 2 mm, making wiring unnecessary. The square,10-mm wide and approximately 4-mm high antenna is positioned at a 90-degree angle from the circuit board. This array lets the user watch the display as usual, for example when using a GPS Smartphone, while the antenna points to the sky.

    The actual reception module contains an antenna amplifier as well as filters for GSM bursts in addition to the time-tested SiRF-III chipset with display of the coordinates in NMEA-0183-V3 protocol. According to Harald Naumann, Technical Director at Round Solutions, the AarLogic GPS 3T is preferentially suitable for the structure of small and efficient positioning systems, but also for custom-made Smartphones. “The micro GPS receiver can be installed piggyback directly onto the circuit board of the device. It is switched on by simply using an on/off pin, “ explains Naumann; the time to market could be shortened dramatically with the 3T. “In addition, the power consumption at a nominal 31 mA is very small at a 3.3 V supply voltage, which makes the integration of our receiver still more attractive.“ says Naumann.

    For the visualization of the geo data received with AarLogic components, a free test server is available under www.track4free.com according to Naumann.

    This text is also available in Italian, Spanish, French and German. Look here.

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