Telefonica OpenGate M2M AT commands

  • Hello,

    I think what I'm planning is somewhat a M2M (maybe, many of us...):
    Multiple mobile devices forming one complete system by echanging data and control signals in some way.

    Reading in the AT Command reference Guide, quite at the end, I found that there are special M2M AT commands,
    supposed to be explained in a "OpenGate M2M Protocol User Guide".

    Searching the internet for this document, companies like Materna pop up, which does not smell like fitting my budget.
    Lots of executive level blah-blah-pay-pay, but not a single document carrying this name.
    On the telit site, I also can only find white paper, but not a document with such name.

    Would be interesting to find out whether some existing M2M framework might fulfil my needs.
    Better than reinventing the wheel...

    If anybody any Idea, or even knows where to find this doc, thanks for Infos.


  • Hi Wolfgang,

    M2M is a big area. The notice in the AT Command reference Guide refer to "Telefonica" a provider from Spain. May be you can get it there. T-Mobile or Vodafone don't have such a guide I suppose.