sending data in data call

  • I am trying to send data between two GM862 modems via a data call(not GPRS), one of the modems is RS-EB-S1B and the other is ter-GX10. I could apply all AT commands to establish a data call successfully. The final response i receive on both sides is CONNECT 9600. Then i send data from RS-EB-S1B and receive them from ter-GX10 but can not do the same thing for the other direction of the communication (from ter-GX10 to RS-EB-S1B). Do you have any idea?

  • How can i verify flow control settings and what should be the flow control settings for a communication i am trying to establish? What i did previously is as follows:
    I connect to the TER-GX10 via HyperTerminal and send AT commands, AT, AT+IPR, AT+CPIN, AT+FCLASS=0, and AT+CBST=0,0,1 and then wait for incoming calls, when I see RING i accept the call with ATA, then receive CONNECT 9600. That`s all, when te connection is established i can receive data but can not send.

  • By default (GM862 Product Description Issue14 - Page 64 - &K command) the flow control is set to "Hardware bi-directional": use the AT&V command to see the setting. So, have you set into hyperterminal the hardware control flow property?

  • Yes, I know the AT&K command. It is by default K=3. I also check it with AT&v. It is correct. I also set Hyperterminal to Hardware Flow control.
    There is something else wrong I believe. Because the TER-GX10 can communicate with Hyperterminal with no problem. When I send commands through Hyperterminal, the TER-GX10 responds OK, and I see this on screen. The problem is when connection is established, TER-GX10 does not either ;
    1. Recieve data from Hyperterminal
    2. Send data to remote GSM Modem.

  • Check if the CTS line of the TER-GX10 is LOW-RS232 level (HIGH for TTL level 3V), or the RTS on the RS-EB-S1 is LOW-RS232 level (HIGH for TTL level 3V). This can stop the data flow from one side.