Micro-antenna for GSM and UMTS

  • Micro-antenna for GSM and UMTS

    Dreieich, 07/2/2008 (profact) – With a length of 21 mm, a width of 7 mm and a height of 3.2 mm, the new micro-antenna from Round Solutions is intended for developers of highly miniaturised mobile radio systems. The company specialises in machine2machine applications and, as Technical Director Harald Naumann explains, the antennas, which are made from a ceramic material, can be used in all four GSM wavebands. In addition the components can be mounted directly on the PCB. This saves material costs for high-frequency compatible cables and plug connectors as well as manufacturing time, since elaborate manual work is eliminated. “As opposed to most of our competitors, we also support developers of prototypes or small series with this and other ceramic antennas," explains Naumann. Hence Round Solutions deliver from an order volume of just five pieces, whereas five-figure quantities need to be ordered elsewhere. “On top of that we provide an individual adaptation service,” Naumann continues. “We provide special guidelines for the integration of the antenna." The antenna is sold under the designation ANT-GXE477. A starter kit matched to this model is also available for test purposes.

    About Round Solutions
    Round Solutions is a leading, internationally active supplier of products, services and concepts for industrial users of electronic components. The focus lies on wireless technologies such as GSM, UMTS, GPS, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WIFI, UWB and ISM. The product portfolio ranges from starter kits to components for mass production. Round Solutions offers a wide range of electronic components such as radio modules, HF cables and ultra-sensitive antennas. Round Solutions currently has the world's largest range of quad-band and penta-band antennas. Unlike its competitors, integrated antennas are already available in small quantities at Round Solutions. Its stock also includes lithium polymer, lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Moreover, Round Solutions offers a global express delivery service. With the compact and innovative components from Round Solutions, system integrators can develop their solutions quickly, easily and inexpensively. They thus enjoy greater efficiency and a shorter time to market for their applications. The company has branches in Germany and the United Kingdom.

    Further information available at www.roundsolutions.com


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  • Hello,

    Are there any application notes available for this product? I notice that you have an eval board for the antenna. Do you have any board layout/proximity guidlines.

    Many Thanks,


  • Hi Dan,
    The antenna is already in use in a mobile phone that supports GPRS Quad Band and UMTS. We have a starter kit that comes with PCB and 6 antennas. We also have guide lines, application notes and reference customers that already designed in one of our embedded antennas.
    Please be so kind and contact me by email to harald.naumann@roundsolutions.com and tell us further details:

    - What will be the application?
    - What is your estimated volume of components for the coming year?
    - When do you expect mass production to start?

    Please note, that we have much more non public antenna designs. After we have got further details, we will come back with recommendation for an antenna.

    Best regards

    Harald Naumann
    Technical Director

    Round Solutions GmbH & Co KG
    Im Steingrund 3 * D-63303 Dreieich * Germany
    Tel: +49 (0)6103 960510 Fax: +49 (0)6103 960509
    Email: harald.naumann@roundsolutions.com
    Homepage: www.roundsolutions.com

  • This is my tracker board that I completed a few months ago. You may remember talking to my friend Bogdan about the antenna spec etc

    I would realy like to make a few modifications and produce it for sale but the cost once completed is astronomical! Do youo provide any support for guys like me that can only afford to buy components 10+ at a time but have great products?