SMS-PDU with 8 Bits

  • Question:
    Our application is PDU and `8bits` , to send SMS.(maybe also use ucs2)
    And in GM862-GPRS, no 8bits only 7bits[IRA].(at+csmp=?)
    Now how can we do?

    You can send PDU at 8 bits or uc2 when you use SMS in PDU mode.
    The IRA set (and so the limitation to 7 bit) is only for SMS in text mode.

    In order to send SMS in PDU you don`t have to set the +CSMP because all data is included in the PDU.
    Just set the PDU mode AT+CMGF=0 and send directly the PDU with the AT+CMGS=<pdu_length>

    > CTRL-Z (CTRL-Z is hex char 0x1A or \\1AH )

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