Software Upgrade

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    How can I upgrade the software?
    I am using the GM862-GPRS with the RS-EB-S1 board.

    Please contact Round Solutions and you will receive the flash program.

    After that you do the following:

    1) Com Port 1 am PC
    Com Port 1 to use 57600 kbs, data bit 8, parity none, stop bit 1, flwo control: hardware

    2) Start MFP_GM862G.exe file.

    3) Klick only one CS851

    4) Power up the GM862-GPRS

    5) Click on start on the pc program and hold pin 10 on the S1 board on
    ground for 2-3 seconds.

  • Quote

    I'm afraid there is no way.

    It's a serial communication, what is the problem ?
    Is the procedure confidential ?
    Otherwise, once i got the procedure, i'll be back with a linux-program. Not only good for me.

  • Yes the protocol cannot be disclosed because of the sensible bits in firmware which are required by the authorities to be kept safe..
    If the application uploader and the firmware would be separated it would be another story.

    Please update your User Profile including your Round Solutions customer number, link on top of page, thank you!