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  • News and information on GM862 family and accessories from Round Solutions!

    - Deafault is GSM900/1800. To change the band to GSM 900/1900 you have to use AT#BND=1. GSM 1900 is called PCS as well.
    - Round Solutions have GM862-PCS on stock. Your can place your trial order by fax to +49 6103 960509 or by email to

    Whats new with the GM862-PCC in comparison to GM862-GPRS?
    1. Triband GSM 900/1800/1900.
    Useful for applications in the States, Canada and in a lot of countries in South America, and in countries like Thailand as well.
    Thailand does have a GSM operators with GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900. A list of all GSM operators with their services you will found on .

    2. Easy CAMERA.
    A few AT commands is even enough to send JPEGs by email to an email server. You just wire the CMOS camera to the GM862-PCS. The CMOS camera, connectors and new starter kit boards that support the camera will be with beginning of next month February 2004 on stock.
    - Taxi driver cameras (vehicle tracking)
    - Security cameras
    - Industrial image processing
    - Or what ever you like

    3. LI battery charger
    The new starter kit board RS-EB-S2 will have an option to connect a LI battery.
    It is a nice feature if you plan mobile applications or if you do need a back up battery by power fault.
    - Mobile data terminals
    - PDA
    - Handheld devices
    - Alarm boxes (burglar alarm)
    - Vehicle tracking

    4. GPRS class 10
    If your GSM operator does support you with class 10, then you can get a higher speed with your data transmission.

    5. Pin compatible
    Like all GM862 types before is the GM862-PCS pin compatible.

    Round Solutions have started providing customers with inexpensive GSM Testers. Such testers are very useful in your laboratory and in the production line as well. On our partner website you will find two kind of GSM / GPRS testers. If you like we can offer you the fastest GSM tester in the world for the production of GSM mobile phones as well.

    GSM / GPS antennas
    Why not go to and you can find a extensive range of GSM and GPS antennas. Most of the antennas are Triband versions to cover GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 and UMTS. BTW the PCS band and the UMTS band in Europe are nearly equal.
    If you cant find the antenna you are looking for; no problem, let us know your requirement.

    RF cables
    Round Solutions offers standard RF cables and is able to support you with any kind type of RF cable and RC connector as well.
    In most GSM applications there is a minimum of one cable and in vehicle tracking systems there are most likely two ( GSM and GPS).

    New Extension Board for all GM862 modules
    With GM862-PCS it was necessary to create a Extension Board and Starter Kit.
    The new RS-EB-S2 will come with a number of new features compared with the
    current Extension board RS-EB-S1:
    -Connector for the support of CMOS camera
    -Connector for the support of LI battery
    -Automatic power on
    -Power on with switcher
    -D-Sub 9 Pin connector to RS232 on V.28 Level (+/- 12 V)
    -Connector to use the GM862 RS232 lines on CMOS level
    -Two LEDs ( Power On , Status LED)
    -Connector for Audio accessories
    -Standard connector for power
    -50 pin connector that supports all GM862 pins
    -Schematic diagrams

    -Li Ion batteries or LI Polymer battery
    -Audio accessories like loudspeakers, microphones, analogue hand free kits and digital hands free kits)
    -Plastic enclosure with holes for RS232 and RF cable
    -Wall plugged AC power supply

    With plastic enclosure and RF cable you are very close to a ready product i.e. GSM-Modem.
    You only need to develop the rest of you application and can just plug it on to the 50 pin connector on the RS-EB-S2 baord.
    The result is that you can show a prototype to your customers very quickly.

    Any idea or recommendation is welcome. Please send it to

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