Change Notice Bluetooth KC20, KC21, KC22, KC11

  • All KC Wirefree Bluetooth modules. KC20, KC21, KC11

    Shipments received after February 2006 will require the RESET pin
    to be pulled high (3.0v preferred, up to 5v tolerance). A resistor
    value from 1K to 10K ohms is recommended for this purpose.

    RESET pins are located as follows:
    KC20, KC21, KC11 OEM modules - Pin 3.
    KC22 OEM module - Pin 10.

    While previous versions of the RESET pin on the Broadcom Bluetooth
    chip were internally pulled high, and could be left non-connected if
    unused, revision 2.9 of the ZV43 chip does not adequately hold this
    RESET pin high, and can result in intermittent failure and/or non-function
    of the device.

    Note: There are three methods to reset the Bluetooth device including
    module power-up, software reset, and 5ms low pulse on the RESET pin.

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