Setting baud rate fails

  • Hi

    We just find maybe a firmware bug:

    Setting the baud rate to 19200 and saving default profile doesn`t works, after a power off the modem starts at 115200 baud:

    AT+IPR=19200 ( then change HyperTerminal to 19200)
    AT&Y0 (profile 0 is the default after reset)
    AT&W0 (save parameters to profile 0)

    Then power off the modem, and...

    +IPR: 115200

    Setting IPR=0 (autobaud) works fine with the same procedure.
    There is no problem with the other parameters.

  • Now I`ve read your e-mail to Ben. Please if you have GM862-PCS, don`t say GM862 only. There are different firmware for GM861S1, GM861GSM/GPRS and GM862PCS.
    This is a known bug. We have fixed it.

  • We are currently using 5.00.225 version.
    What is the latest version of firmware for the PCS?

    How may I update the firmware?