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    Hi All,

    After 6/ April 2019 (GPS roll over event) customers using modules based on Sirf4 GSD4E-9333 chipset, noticed issues related to Satellite tracking. Touching base with Qualcomm Leads into a firmware patch that is mandatory to be upload into the
  • Hüseyin

    Telit have received several requests regarding "2019 GPS Week Rollover Notification" and we need to tell our customers what will happen and which products are affected.

    In the appendix you will find a letter to all who are affected giving you an…
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    Replied to the thread GE865 firmware.

    firmware is not public, you have to request from your distributor/seller.
    If you bought from Round Solutions, please send mail to ts(at)roundsolutions.com with customer or invoice number.
    Please send also answers to following AT commands:
  • Hi Albillia,

    GPRS is for transmitting data only in 2G networks.
    Of course you could send data, in your case tranfer your serial data, to your FTP server via LTE/4G, AT commands are very similar, you could check folowing documents:
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    the GE863-GPS is EoL since many years. There will be no new firmware, that will fix this issue. You could do a workaround in which you add 1024 weeks to the date provided by the GPS receiver, here is a flowchart of the algorithm:

  • Hello Albillia,

    this Terminal is also available with the other Telit xE910 family modules.
    I would recommend to use the TER-LX910-EU-V2, which could do a fallback to 2G and 3G.

    You could get this Terminals also with new technology, like NB1/Cat M1,…
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    Replied to the thread Can't get HTTP Post to work.

    Each line of the http header should be terminated with \r\n

    senddata = "POST /test0/post.php?mode=save&key=somekey&imei=someimei HTTP/1.1\r\n"
    senddata = senddata + "Host: www.xyx.com\r\n"
    senddata = senddata + "Content-Length: 45\r\n"
    senddata =