The mobile business of the future is neither dependent on the PC or on the smartphone. The miniaturization allows already today to equip even the smallest units with high computing power, high-efficiency sensors and sufficient transmission capacity. This increases the amount of portable intelligent objects - "wearables" - that blend in every day in the Internet of Things: This can be glasses that display appointment reminders or construction plans on a micro display; watches that match a training schedule with body values in sport; or homecare bracelets that not only call for help in an emergency, but also make a voice call. These and other wearables offer numerous opportunities for the development of highly innovative solutions and create fast-growing new markets.

We help you build the technological foundation for the development of your business model in wearables market.



Wear your Health

Monitoring your health already is a digital easy game. With Wearables you can measure your pulse, blood sugar, blood pressure and other medical values. You can also track the steps you're walking, making sure you get your daily amount of movement. Observing your health digitally is simple and smart.


The smallest GPS GSM Tracker

We consult you about your individual Tracking Devices
regarding your health.




Wearing glasses has never been more stylish. Not only to see well, but to keep an eye on everything is what today's glasses are designed for: Messenger, Social Media activities and your organizer - all at a glance.
Wearables like Smart Glasses and Smart Watches become the daily companion and offer follower of the lifestyle trend "Always-On" a great new platform.


IoT Cloud

Stay connected and organize your applications easily.
Our Cloud Services support your IoT Project.





Get a little help with your fitness. With the wearable fitness bracelet you can track your steps with a Smart Watch, organize your food plan and nutrition data with an App and add your workout sessions.


Development Services

Our experts develop your individual and efficient IoT Solution.
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