Goods and person tracking

Only those who use tracking information correctly can represent digital value chains and improve daily business. Because the more exact the location and movement of a product, package or container can be mapped, the better delays can be managed or reduced: In addition to the traceability, during tracking and tracing automated alerts ensure that the flow of goods runs smoothly. Through ever smaller and more robust solutions it is no longer restricted to areas of application such as shipping containers, but is also helpful in fleet management or tracking of medical equipment in hospitals. And also for determining the position of individuals, there are numerous application scenarios, such as for safety areas within the company, or for the protection of family members.

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 Work safety

For individuals working alone, for example in the security service industry or in the oil and gas industry, a personal tracker offers the best life insurance. Small GPS & GSM trackers from Round Solutions can be worn on the body and have an accelerometer that can detect and measure the movement of the device. For example, if the worker loses consciousness due to an accident at work, the accelerometer does not register any movement. After a defined period of immobility, the worker is first alerted and asked to issue the alarm. If he does not do so, the alarm will be sent to the employer's headquarters via mobile phone after a short time with the GPS position data.


The smallest GPS GSM Tracker

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Children and Seniors

Be prepared for any situation! Surely you want to know if your children have arrived safely home, or find them easily, if they got lost. The tracker attaches to your child's backpack or satchel so you can track your child's route on the map at any time. A GPS tracker is also suitable for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. With the tracker, you can help seniors, patients, people with Alzheimer’s disease and those with dementia find their way more quickly and provide help faster and more efficiently in emergency situations.


IoT Cloud

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 Cargo Tracking

You want to locate your goods worldwide and have control over your property at all times by tracking your goods in real time? It is possible to track your goods both via satellite-based tracking and via GSM-based tracking. Thus, your goods can also be located if no GPS is available.


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