Connected cars

The networking of the car with the internet speeds up the transformation of mobility. Car-to-X communication connects vehicles in the future with intelligent traffic lights, signs and bridges.  This allows not only more accurate predictive information on speed limits, but also on not yet visible ends of traffic jams or accident locations. Even warnings to the new traffic signs which "recognize" the vehicle by camera or radio signal, can soon improve road safety. This opens up new fields of business: Analysts currently expect a quadrupling of sales in the market of "Connected cars" by 2020, where driver assistance and safety technologies are the strongest driving forces. New, IT-driven player like Tesla or Google cause further pressure to change with the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA).

We will help you to turn your ideas for intelligent vehicle networking into concrete products.


 Traffic Warning

A network of navigation, infotainment, service, emergency call as well as access to several functions such as air conditioning or charging management in e-cars are made possible via an app. The traffic app feeds the information into the route guidance in real time and enables the map to be updated automatically.


IoT/M2M Antennas

Discover our wide range of antennas for any hardware.
Equipped with Narrowband IoT, 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi.

 Voice Control

With Voice Control in the car, e-mails can be written while driving, keeping your eyes on the road.
Traffic information, weather forecasts and current news can be read by the on-board computer. In addition, the vehicle can be voice operated from home, e.g. to check the charge and level of the vehicle.


IoT Modules

Huge range of IoT - Modules for industrial deployments:
Narrowband IoT, 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, GPS Tracking, Bluetooth, WiFi



Integrated Mobile systems


Sensors measure whether a vehicle is involved in an accident and how big the damage is. An integrated satellite navigation system records the location and transmits an emergency call via mobile radio.



IoT Cloud

Stay connected and organize your applications easily.
Our Cloud Services support your IoT Project.

 Communication of the vehicle

The vehicle communicates with the vehicles in its surroundings, as well as with traffic systems, sensors, traffic lights and intelligent traffic signs. For example, the speed, the acceleration or braking, information about lane changes and much more are transmitted.


Development Services

Our experts develop your individual and efficient IoT Solution.
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