Medical Wireless IoT-Device

Developed & manufactured by Round Solutions in Germany





Connect Medical Devices via Narrowband-IoT and a Cloud

Round Solutions' new SenseCeiver Medical Wireless Gateway is a device that allows sensitive data to be sent wirelessly over narrowband or IoT mobile networks. The new Narrowband technology, as Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology, is particularly suited for the fast transmission of small amounts of data and therefore extremely energy efficient. It is also characterized by a very high range and building penetration. Thus, devices or machines can be easily and inexpensively connected. The SenseCeiver Medical Wireless Gateway is specifically designed for medical and industrial data-to-cloud applications to send data wirelessly and in real-time from any device, including blood pressure, heart rate, and more. It also has an I/O interface, a UART interface and a micro USB connector. By using energy-efficient components, this easy-to-use, intuitive medical gateway achieves very low power consumption and can even be battery/solar powered.
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Your Benefits of the SenseCeiver as a Medical Device Manufacturer


Easy to handle

► Quick and easy configuration of when and how often data is sent via NB IoT / 4G / 3G / 2G mobile networks

► Data transmission via SMS, e-mail or directly into a cloud application

► Python SDK and AppZone C allow custom modification

► Optional interval transmission (monitoring) or transmission if critical value is exceeded (alarm)

► Immediate connection of medical devices / sensors via UART or I/Os

Extremely energy efficient

Thanks to Narrowband technology you benefit from a very long battery life

In combination with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel, the SenseCeiver no longer needs to be connected to the mains.

► Power-saving components enable several weeks of operation with just one battery charge

► Perfect for remote monitoring applications

► OEM integration simplified by low power consumption



Highest Quality

►In Germany developed and manufactured

►Operated with inductive proximity switches, optical sensors, laser distance sensors, cylinder switches, capacitive sensors and connection technology

► Especially suitable for industrial environments and operating temperatures from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C

► ATEX certification on request

► IP 65 housing protects against dust and splash water

Custom made

►We offer you to develop solutions that are adapted to your specific needs

►If desired, SenseCeiver can be equipped with additional interfaces (such as WiFi and Bluetooth via UART) and functions (such as GPS, Glonass)






IoT SIM Card

 To get you started, every SenseCeiver has an NB-IoT SIM card installed.

The SIM card has access to all available mobile networks in a country. It always automatically accesses the network with the best reception. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the connectivity.

NB IoT Sim cards are designed for volumes up to 500MB per device per month. With a 10 year term your monthly cost will only be 10€.


IoT Cloud

Once powered up, SenseCeiver sends the device data to the cloud at pre-set intervals. The cloud can be accessed via any browser-enabled device, such as Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. It can be reached around the clock and from anywhere.

Events can be created within the cloud, which trigger an alarm when activated. For example, exceeding or falling below a certain value can trigger an alarm that may appear on the smartphone.

A test account is included in the package, in which up to ten SenseCeiver can be linked to the cloud for free.





Options of Deployment


Transfer of intervals for Monitoring

The SenseCeiver Medical Wireless Gateway can be configured in a way, that it sends data updates regularly via E-mail or SMS. It's ideal for remote monitoring and Data-to-Cloud applications. The device sends updates in pre-set intervals - a few seconds, every 5 minutes, once an hour or once a day, thus enabling a reliable remote monitoring in real time.


Triggers an alarm

The SenseCeiver Industrial Wireless Sensor Gateway can send an alarm via E-Mail or SMS if it recognizes abnormal activities or data. It can be used to measure air pressure, temperature levels, motion and any other data that are measured by sensors with industrial 4-20mA current loops.



The SenseCeiver board can be integrated in specialised products by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), thus complementing the board with a powerful communication and network functionality.

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