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The number of connected devices is rapidly growing world wide. It is estimated that by 2020 this number will rise to 50 billion. To increase efficiency in production, automated processes are at the center of IoT applications. A reliable m2m communication with a stable internet connection allow a much faster throughput time and minimize downtime.

As IoT design house we offer development of hardware and software, ensure a steady connectivity including cloud connection and provide installation and maintenance service to create an individual all-in-one solution.



IoT Hardware - Smart Devices For m2m Communication

Increase your company's potential with the deployment of connected machines

During production, machines are often used inefficiently or not to it's full capacity. One reason for this lies in missing machine data and in an inadequate evaluation of such. By solving that problem, maintenance intervals can be set in a way that will reduce downtime significantly and ensure a steady production flow. With an ongoing gathering and analysis of data that is no longer based on average but real measured values, maintenance of machines will be much more time and cost efficient. Applying predictive maintenance, real time data will show when machine services are actually needed and will improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

To connect different devices with SPS, SCADA,ERP systems, we offer gateways with a variety of interfaces that are compatible with already existing equipment. As reliable partner for your IoT solution we provide you with a stable internet connection via cellular network and access to a cloud so you can manage your data safely at any time.



Choose A Gateway With the right interface / protocol for you


SenseCeiver Industrial Wireless Modbus Gateway

The SenseCeiver Industrial Wireless Modbus Gateway was specifically designed for wireless machine communication in the industrial sector. It transfers data via Modbus RTU protocol and RS 485 interface and sends them to a cloud in real time via cellular network. The pre-installed software enables an easy configuration using a USB interface. All relevant registers like data type or transfer intervals can be selected.

SenseCeiver Wireless Sensor Gateway - UART

The all-new SenseCeiver sensor gateway is a wireless device built to send sensitive sensor data via 2G / 3G / 4G / NB1 / M1 cellular networks. It was developed especially for industrial Sensor-to-Cloud-Applications to send data of any sensor wirelessly and on a real-time basis. This intuitive sensor gateway obtains very low power consumption because of energy-efficient components and can be operated by battery or solar power.



Industrial Wireless RS-232 Gateway

The AarLogic Modem RS232 is a complete cellular terminal solution for 2G/3G/4G/NB1/M1 applications. The Telit module xE910 handles all the cellular processing with PYTHON script. The device has ADC and GPIO inputs. Communication is established with modem RS232 and/or modem USB. The RS232 is a D-Type 9 pin connector.  If the modem is turned OFF, the Watchdog option will auto start the modem after each 30 minutes.

IIoT Wireless Linux Gateway

The new IIoT Gateway is an adjustable and easy-to-use hardware for your IoT application. It transmits data via cellular network (NB1, CAT M1, 4G, 3G, 2G) to a cloud in real time. More complex applications can be stored directly on the device.

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Connectivity and Applications

Connected-Machines-IoT Connectivity with Cloud and SIM card

Connected-Machines-remote monitoring and alarm set ups in case of deviation from a critical value



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