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Telit IoT & M2M SIM Cards

Telit IoT Connectivity Mobile Services uses the world's leading carrier networks and is supported by a vast infrastructure including its own Telit Network Operations Center. IoT Connectivity provides comprehensive, customized wireless data solutions for over 20 years.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Roaming SIM cards - As roaming SIM cards, the SIM cards generally access all available mobile networks in a country. We want to offer you maximum availability.
  • Non-steering features - The SIM cards do not use a preferred partner network for network selection, but always choose the strongest network available.
  • Connectivity Management - Includes the Connectivity Management Portal, which allows you to easily manage your SIM activities from anywhere.
  • Validity - Can also be used during the test phase in Europe or worldwide.
  • Form factor - No matter which SIM type you need, we offer the whole spectrum: Standard-SIM (2FF), Mirco-SIM (3FF), Nano-SIM (4FF) and Embedded-SIM (MFF2)
  • Support - We provide world-class 24/7 support

What we offer:


At the heart of each IoT application is mobile connectivity. Telit IoT Connectivity Services are operated by the leading tier-one Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). They include global roaming and domestic subscriptions, which are offered in standard or custom tariffs. Subscriptions include among other things, access to Telit's Connected Device Platform (CDP) for convenient account management.
Our connectivity solutions are all supervised by professional Tier One, Tier Two and R & D technicians and engineers who are well versed in dealing with the recent IoT technologies and have with their team members on average more than 10 years of experience in solving problems of mobile network connectivity.

  • Access data, SMS and voice services via tier-one global 2G, 3G and 4G carriers
  • Premium serviceability for network-critical business
  • Reduced integration effort of Software as a Service (SaaS) enabled solutions and standard APIs


NETWORK SECURITY OFFERINGS - A variety of robust and secure IoT IP solutions with easy and quick assembly. These solutions are geo-redundant, 24/7 monitored and supervised. APNs, private VPN, Secure Internet direct, wireless matrix and cloud connection are available and can be arranged according to your needs.

  • Secure connectivity for wireless applications from a variety of connection options
  • 24/7 technical support - our network engineers are able to assist you proactively to identify network problems based on real-time network information and to warn you before any damage occurs
  • Customized connectivity IP solutions designed according to your requirements


You can improve profitability, financial performance and quality of service with the valuable insights that Intelligence provides you, with its usage and billing profiles. Leverage easy-to-use business performance analytics and powerful data parsing tools that enable you to quickly organize and parse large quantities of data. Simply set up, activate and collect SIM information from your mobile remote devices. Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your applications and track these KPIs in real time. Adjust immediately excessive roaming, run-away data streams, and other potential equipment issues with simultaneous use of statistical analysis to effectively extrapolate usage, performance, and profitability metrics.

  • Easily manage large global cellular IoT deployments and rollouts
  • Convenient, user-friendly and intuitive web-based interface
  • Mine Insights from customer accounts, down to individual SIMs
  • Care of IoT business and profits and maintaining the competitiveness


Aware is a solution that is designed to keep you up to date and to mitigate risk. Effective risk management tools monitor the behavior and demand trends. Aware empowers you with control and alarm functions, which are designed around your application lifecycles. Aware scales to any size of business and provides default Connectivity monitoring and control functions in real time, often only reserved for Corporate Business.

  • Real-time monitoring dashboards
  • Reduces effects of critical and catastrophic events
  • Full control and alarming, tailored to your application lifecycles
  • Proactive approach to early identification and problem solving


Automation enables the establishment and definition of customer-specific rules for automating the lifecycle management and billing management. It includes an easy-to-use, rule-based engine. Pay for connectivity only when your service is generating revenue. Retroactive billing optimization.

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