Microcontroller programming

We have a rich experience in creating firmware. Based on your needs, we create firmware with C/C++ or Assembly language. Why Assembly? Programs written in high-level languages will not run as fast as Assembly language programs. Sometimes the speed can be so critical that only Assembly language can meet the speed requirements.
With the rich experience on the market we bring fast and reliable solutions to our customers. We are authorized Microchip Design Partners for providing consulting services, hardware and software design and full turnkey manufacturing services. For cases where hard real-time performance is required we use real-time operating systems (RTOS). Every RTOS consists of a kernel that provides the low level functions, mainly the scheduling, creation of tasks and inter-task resource management. A custom RTOS can be highly optimized to suit the application.

We use following RTOS:

  • Free RTOS
  • Micrium
  • VxWorks
  • QNX
  • Embedded Linux


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