Embedded Linux

We provide platform-enabling technologies such as the Board Support Packages (BSP), Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), device drivers, and network protocols.
We work on the application level, the board-support level and the device driver level. Our workers code the software and device drivers for wide diversity of embedded processors, including ARM, MIPS, Linux kernel, Cypress PsoC.
For programs or operating systems that are designed to work on one platform or architecture, we offer porting for applications and operating systems to different platforms and architecture. Developing a board support package (BSP) is an implementation of a specific code for device motherboard that adjusts to a given operating system.
Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) provides a device driver interface that is allowing a program to communicate with the hardware.
At last but not at least significance is setting up the configuration of development environments (toolchain, buildsystem, IDE) with which we can test and debugg our products for embedded Linux projects.


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