Embedded Software Development


Embedded Software Engineering

When we want to eat some toasted bread we make it in the toaster, afterwards we watch some favorite TV chanel on the new LCD and if we look at today’s watch, we can see time, date, our heartbeat, GPS location, who called us…

There comes Embedded Software Engineering on the scene. Embedded Software Engineering is used for little things as digital watches, things that keep you alive like pacemaker and much more greater things like airplanes and process control systems.

Embedded software is a piece of software that is embedded in hardware or non-PC devices. Characteristically for Embedded Software is that no or not all functions can be controlled via human interface, instead, many processes
are controlled through machine-interfaces. Because of that, it is helping us in our daily life challenges.

There is a wide variety of operating systems for Embedded Sofware. It runs from small one-person operations consisting of a run loop and a timer, to BeRTOS, ThreadX, Windows CE or Linux. The coding is typically done with C or C++.

Development consists of cycles of editing, testing and debugging, after that, sofware codes have to be perfected by number of runs and tests.

Communication between processors and other components are essential.

Communication with which they can be achieved through are: I²C, SPI, Serial Ports, USB, TCP/IP.


Embedded Software Engineering

Microcontrollers are small computers that are used for automatically controlled products, such as remote controls, office machines, power tools, automobile engine control systems and other embedded systems.

Linux OS can be used for embedded systems. For example: consumer electronics, machine control, networking equipment, navigation equipment and much more. The advantages are multiple suppliers for software development and support, no royalties or licensing fees and a stable kernel.

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