Industrial Wireless Sensor Gateway
4-20mA | I/O | UART | MODBUS| RS232

Developed & manufactured by Round Solutions in Germany








Sensor2Cloud: Connect sensors with the Cloud

The all-new SenseCeiver sensor gateway from Round Solutions is a wireless device built to send sensitive sensor data via 2G / 3G / 4G / NB1 / M1 cellular networks.

It was developed especially for industrial Sensor-to-Cloud-Applications to send data of any sensor wirelessly and on a real-time basis, such as pressure, fill level, gas movement, temperature and much more. SenseCeiver is equipped with two 4 to 20mA galvanically separated inputs for industrial sensors. In addition, there is an I/O interface, an UART interface, a version using MODBUS protocol and a Micro USB connector.

This intuitive sensor gateway obtains very low power consumption because of energy-efficient components and can be operated by battery or solar power.


Application example: Intelligent Garbage Can


Your advantages of SenseCeiver as a sensor manufacturer




Easy to use

► Easy & quick configuration as to when and how often data is sent via 2G/3G/4G/NB1/M1 mobile networks

► Data transfer via SMS, e-mail or directly in a cloud application

► Python SDK and AppZone C allow user-defined modification

► Optional interval transference (monitoring) or transference if critical value is crossed (alarm)

► Immediate connection of sensors



Extremely energy-efficient

► Power-saving components allow several weeks of operation with just one battery charge

► Perfectly suitable for remote monitoring applications

► OEM integration simplified by low power consumption

► Self-sufficient energy supply via solar panel possible





Long-lasting design

► Especially suitable for industrial surroundings and operating temperatures from -40 ° C to +85 ° C C

► ATEX Certification on inquiry

► IP 65 case: dust and splashing water protected




► SenseCeiver can be equipped with additional interfaces and functions if requested: WiFi, Bluetooth/UART, GPS, Glonass & more





IoT SIM Card

To simplify commissioning, a test SIM card is installed in every SenseCeiver.

The SIM card has access to all available cellular networks of a country. It always connects with the best mobile reception automatically in order that you don’t have to worry about connectivity.

The test term of the SIM card amounts six months with a data volume of 10 MB. No additional or hidden costs are incurred.

IoT Cloud

As soon as SenseCeiver is put into operation, it sends the sensor data in preset intervals to the cloud. The cloud can be accessed via every web-enabled device, as for example computer, tablet or smartphone. You have always access to measured values anywhere in the world & any time round the clock.

Special events can be set up within the cloud and these are able to trigger an alert if a certain maximum (minimum) value is exceeded (deceeded).

A test account is included in delivery which consists of a license for up to 10 SenseCeiver devices free of charge with the cloud.




Application possibilities of SenseCeiver




Interval transference for monitoring

The SenseCeiver Industrial Wireless sensor gateway can be configured in such a way that it delivers regular measuring value updates by e-mail or SMS. It is perfectly suited for remote monitoring and Sensor-to-Cloud-Applications. The device can send updates in preset intervals – a few seconds, every 5 minutes, each hour or once per day - and makes a reliable remote monitoring possible on a real-time basis.


Event trigger for alarm

The SenseCeiver Industrial Wireless sensor gateway can be configured in such a way that it sends an emergency call or alarm by e-mail and SMS if it recognizes abnormal measurements or activities. It can be used to measure air pressure, temperature levels, movement and all other data that is measured by sensors with industrial 4-20mA current loops.


OEM integration

The SenseCeiver board can be integrated from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) into specified products to complement them with a highly competitive communication and network functionality.

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