SenseCeiver Modbus RTU RS485

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✔ Real Plug & Play

✔ Intelligent, Modbus-enabled IoT Gateway

✔ Radio connection all over Europe and Worldwide via NB-IoT

✔ Your sensor data in less than 1 minute online

✔ Manufacturer independent compatibility to over 10 000 sensors

✔ Manage your own dashboards and features

✔ Sim-Card on board

✔ Cloud system included

✔ 100% transparent + full cost control


wiresless iot gateway

Sim on Board
SIM On Chip Footprint

For A Wireless World

All relevant measuring registers and transmission intervals can be easily defined. Machine data such as water level, operating hours, engine speed and temperature can be transmitted in real time via the mobile network (NB1, M1, 4G, 3G, 2G) to the cloud. The data will be automatically transferred to the cloud via MQTT.

wiresless iot gateway

Find the easiest way to wirelessly deliver data from Modbus to the cloud

Robust design for industrial use

robustes design

Increased connectivity performance with NB1/CATM1/4G/3G/2G

robustes design

Wide range power supply 9-60 VDC

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wiresless iot gateway

The Industrial Wireless Modbus Gateway was specially developed for machine communication in the industrial sector. It reads data from MODBUS and transfers it wirelessly to the cloud via mobile radio technologies.

The pre-installed software provides a user-friendly plug-and-play configuration via a USB interface.


  • Send data at desired intervals
  • Reliable machine monitoring in real time
  • Full duplex and half duplex transmission
  • Leaner and faster data transfer
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices and machines
  • Automated processes thanks to triggers
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