Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID is a technical system that can read and store data without any contact. Tha data neither has to be seen nor to be touched. An RFID system hast two components: An RFID tag and an RFID reader. This technology enables an efficient monitoring and precise identification of goods in logistics and other industrial branches.


RFID Modules

Our high-performance RFID modules deliver the highest read rate and RF performance. They transmit up to +31.5 dBm and can read more than 750 tags/seconds. This performance
makes the modules the ideal RFID drive for demanding applications such as race timing and conveyors that require several antennas. The modules have both serial and USB interfaces and therefore support board-to-board and board-to-host connectivity. The low power consumption of the modules is suitable for battery-powered applications.



Our RFID tags are based on battery-free sensor technology and are processed in a compact PCB format. They have an LED display that switches on when an RF field is present. The tags are available for different antenna designs and sizes, depending on the application.
Our tags are also available with a robust housing.



RFID Reader

Logistical problems can be found in all industries. Prevent this with an RFID reader. Our devices are based on user-friendliness, reliability and extremely high performance. Power over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi options provide flexible and cost-effective installations for reading transponder data via an antenna module. Data is transferred to a connected device via a serial interface on the board. The RFID readers support the Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) for direct communication. Using contactless technology for PC applications, our readers ensure convenience and speed including secure storage of user names, passwords and personal information.



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